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Wake Tech Community College

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Emergency Preparedness, Preservation, & Recovery: Emergency Events

This is an internal guide covering the library disaster plan and emergency procedures.


  1. CALL WTCC POLICE at 919-866-5911 and explain the situation. 
  2. Contact the Library Dean if s/he is not on your campus at the time of the emergency. 
  3. Contact your campus librarian if s/he is not on campus at the time of the emergency. 
  4. Staff should work together to evacuate the building if patrons are in immediate danger. In certain cases, such as fumes/ smells, security may determine whether or not this is necessary. 


In case of fire, staff should pull the fire alarm and call campus police at 6-5911. All staff should work together to ensure that all patrons have been cleared from the building by emergency exit if necessary. People evacuated from the building should not stand too close to the building. Stay with patrons and await further instructions from campus police

Call campus police to let them know about the situation. Describe the odor and where it is coming from. If it is smoke, try to identify the cause if it doesn't compromise safety to do so. Inform police if any patrons are harmed by the smoke/ fumes. Use your best judgment to determine whether to evacuate or wait for police/ facilities services to assess the situation. 

From the Employee Handbook: 

In the event of receipt of a telephone call relating to a bomb threat, this procedure should be followed:

  • Respond calmly to the caller.
  • Have another person listen to the call, if possible.
  • Keep the caller on the line as long as possible, and elicit as much information as possible.
    • It is important to: attempt to record the caller’s exact words; determine the location of the bomb and when it is due to explode; pay particular attention to background noises (such as motors running, music playing, other voices); and determine:
      1. Male or female
      2. Calm or excited
      3. Accent
      4. Speech peculiarities

  • If the call relates to a bomb threat on any Campus, immediately after the call ends, call the College emergency number 866-5911 to report the details of the threat.
  • Remain available to respond to orders from administrative personnel, such as calling emergency response units (through 911), or making other notifications as directed.

When a bomb threat (or any other emergency situation arises that calls for building or area evacuation) has been received, the responsibility for determining whether to evacuate a building or area goes directly to the Campus Police Department. Do not evacuate until directed to do so inasmuch as evacuation routes must be searched for potential bombs to ensure a safe egress.

Once the decision has been made to evacuate, personnel on the scene will proceed with the assistance of Campus Police, to effect an orderly and thorough evacuation of the building or area in question.

Upon arrival of Campus Police, they will be briefed by whoever is in command at the time, and then any assistance that is needed will be given to the law enforcement officers on the scene. A thorough search of the area will be conducted and all logical and reasonable efforts will be made to determine if the call was a hoax. If it is determined that the call likely was a hoax, the College authorities and law enforcement personnel will make a reasoned decision to allow persons to return to the building or area that is involved.

From the College Emergency Response Plan:

All faculty and staff have the authority to initiate an emergency lockdown. Such situations where an emergency lockdown may be warranted include:

a. observing an armed intruder,

b. hearing a gunshot, or

c. any situation where exposure to outside conditions may endanger staff, faculty, students and/or visitors.

Methods of Announcing Lockdown

a. A lockdown should be initiated when an armed intruder is observed. Call the Wake Tech Emergency Communications Center at 919-866-5911 to report the situation.

b. Your observations may be the only criterion for determining that a lockdown should be implemented.

c. Staff and faculty members should announce the lockdown to others in their area and direct building occupants into a room which can be locked or out of the building if you are a safe distance from the shooter.

Steps to Follow in Lockdown

a. DO NOT expect to hear an audible alarm and DO NOT activate the fire alarm system. There have been cases where active shooters have activated fire alarms to lure victims outside.

b. Police and Security Officers have other duties to perform during a lockdown and may not be available to assist in announcing the lockdown or providing directions.

Lockdown Codes Utilize the following lockdown codes and announcements to inform staff of the appropriate response. Use discretion as to how much information you include in each announcement. 

CODE RED: “Students and staff, we are in a code red lockdown. Lockdown immediately.” This means there is an immediate threat to the school. This is a complete classroom and school lockdown.

CODE YELLOW: “Students and staff, we are in a code yellow lockdown. Lockdown immediately.” This is a “Community Lockdown” in which the danger is located in the community. All outside activities should cease and students/ staff should move inside. All exterior doors are locked and movement from building to building is prohibited.

CODE GREEN: “Students and staff, we are now in code green. You may resume normal activities.” The lockdown is over and normal school activities are resumed.