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Library Survival Guide for Faculty & Staff

Orientation to the library with resources and services for employees

Information Literacy

Information literacy is essentially the ability to identify an information need, find and access quality sources, and use those sources appropriately and ethically.  The library staff is working hard to develop and expand information literacy instruction for all levels of student work.

What can students learn in library sessions?

  • How to define a research topic/question
  • How to develop search keywords and broaden or narrow a search
  • How to use the library catalog and online databases
  • How to evaluate the quality of sources including websites
  • How to read a scholarly article and use citations
  • How to find different kinds of information, including primary and secondary sources
  • Differences between library databases and the "free web" or Google
  • The proper way to cite sources using the appropriate style

Feel free to email us about your classes' specific research and information needs, so we can tailor our library instruction sessions accordingly.

Library Instruction

Why Library Instruction?

●     It increases the effectiveness of your students' research.

●     Introduces key concepts of academic success such as citation, plagiarism, authority, and evaluation.

●     Builds familiarity with research tools and introduces skills needed for lifelong learning.

●     Hands-on instruction increases students’ awareness of reliable sources and knowledge of database usage.

What Can We Do for You

●     Instruction sessions either in your classroom or in the library

●     Online guides created specifically for your class or your assignments that you can place in your online classes.

●     Personal reference sessions for you and your students.

●     Quiet library space for your students to study, collaborative spaces for group study, laptops to checkout for weekend work.

Planning your Library Collaboration

●     Library instruction is most effective when students are working on a specific assignment. We can work with you to create a dynamic session to meet your course goals.

●     Contact us to help create a guide for your online class.

●     Provide us with a copy of your syllabus, so that we can suggest databases and other resources for your students to use.

●     Encourage your students to meet with us one on one for additional help.