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Fire Services

Resources for those studying or interested in Fire Services and Protection Technology at WTCC.

National Fire Protection Association Codes & Standards

In addition to the NC Building and Fire code, fire departments in NC rely upon the NFPA Codes and Standards (opens in new window) [tutorial on accessing codes below] to guide them in the proper way to equip, maintain, and operate fire protection technology such as extinguishers, fire trucks, firefighting clothing, etc. Many of these codes are adopted into and referenced from the state Fire Code, as the NFPA itself is not a regulatory body nor enforcement agency. Each city and county may have its own selection of codes and standards it considers mandatory, so you should check with your local AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) to see which are in effect.

If you have any questions about the codes and standards, please contact one of the instructors in the Fire Protection Technology Program at Wake Tech.

Using the NFPA to Access Codes and Standards

NC Building and Fire Codes (links open in new window)

As of January 1, 2012 the Building and Fire Codes currently enforced in the State of North Carolina (2012 North Carolina Fire Code) is the 2009 International Fire Code with 2012 North Carolina Amendments. (This is also sometimes called the North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code) [Source: NC Office of the State Fire Marshal]

NC Fire and Burning Laws (links open in new window)

Fire and Burning Laws in North Carolina are contained within the North Carolina General Statutes.

Portions of laws pertaining to Fire and Burning Offenses can be viewed here.