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ENG 111 -Peace

Resources for students in Professor Peace's ENG 111class
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Nichole Williams
    1. Read the information provided in the Wellness and Its Dimensions folder in Bb.
    2. Choose ONE "other" dimension of wellness that we haven't discussed this semester.
    3. Read the information provided on writing a cause and effect essay in Bb.
    4. Conduct preliminary research to gain a clear and thorough understanding of the selected dimension of wellness and ways this dimension of wellness is expressed and nurtured and repressed and neglected or damaged. 
    5. Using preliminary research, identify a problem or challenge associated with the selected dimension of wellness.
    6. Using preliminary research, identify at least TWO causes of the problem or challenge.
    7. Using preliminary research, identify at least THREE effects of the problem or challenge.
    8. Develop a thesis.
    9. Conduct additional and more thorough research that will help you develop and support your argument. (For more specifics about research required, see below).
    10. Develop ideas for an effective introduction and conclusion.
    11. Complete an argmentative outline for the body of your essay.
    12. Practice integrating quotations and appropriately documenting sources using MLA style.
    13. Write an initial draft of your essay.
    14. Complete a PEER REVIEW.
    15. Identify areas that need revision and create a plan of "next steps."
    16. Revise as necessary to ensure you've met all requirements.
    17. Proofread and edit for grammar and spelling.
    18. Submit an effective argumentative essay that incorporates the required parts of an essay and the specific requirements outlined below through the appropriate submission link in Bb.
    19. Complete a Self-Assessment and Reflection exercise.
    1. intellectual wellness
    2. financial wellness
    3. environmental wellness
    4. spiritual wellness
    5. social wellness
    6. occupational wellness

You must include information from at least FIVE (5) outside resources in your final essay:

  1. At least THREE sources must be scholarly articles, essays, etc. retrieved from a library database. 
  2. TWO sources can be retrieved from CREDIBLE resources found through a basic web browser search EXCEPT you CANNOT use Wikipedia or any of its affiliates. (Note: I encourage the use of Google Scholar).