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ENG 111 - S. Peace

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Nichole Williams

Poe Literary Analysis

Overview of Steps and Requirements:

1. Read "The Masque of the Red Death," "The Cask of Amontillado," and "The Tell-Tale Heart"

2. Annotate the three stories.

3. Choose the TWO Poe stories that you would like to write your essay on.

4. Choose the TWO shared Gothic characteristics you would like to focus on.

5. Gather ideas for your essay.

6. Research. (For more specifics, see below).

7. Complete a brainstorming exercise.

8. Write an initial draft of your essay.

9. Complete a PEER REVIEW.

10. Revise as necessary to ensure you've met all requirements.

11. Proofread and edit for grammar and spelling.

12. Construct an effective evaluative, literary analysis that incorporates the required parts of a literary analysis and the specific requirements

Gothic Characteristics

Choose TWO similar Gothic characteristics for the literature:

1. decay

2. emotional intensity

3. anti-hero

4. atmosphere of suspense

5. visions or nightmares

6. supernatural

7. foreboding

8. confinement

9. heavy reliance on symbols (You would need to find a series of symbols in the literary works).

10. grotesque (Make sure you're using the Gothic-specific literary definition of the word).

11. gloomy setting (in terms of weather and town, city, etc.)

12. unreliable narrator

13. terror (not the same as horror)

14. social upheaval

Reliable Sources for your Assignment

You must include information from at least 5 outside resources in your final essay. (Please be aware that you may find that more resources are needed):

1. TWO sources will be the selected Poe stories.

2. TWO sources should be retrieved from a library database.

3. The ONE remaining source should be one that explains your chosen Gothic characteristics, EXCEPT you CANNOT use any of the following:

  • online or print study guides (including sparknotes, shmoop, Cliff Notes, Course Hero, enotes, LitCharts, etc.)
  • Wikipedia and any of its affiliates

HINT: Consider using one of the Gothic literature resources I've provided for you.

Database Resources may include:

1. general information on Gothic literature;

2. critiques of the literary texts themselves;

3. background/historical context for your chosen texts;

4. information about Edgar Allan Poe.