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Law Enforcement Operations

This guide provides resources that support fundamental law enforcement operational issues.

Library Catalog

This search box will search all six Wake Tech Community College libraries.  You can also request books from community colleges across the state.


Placing a Hold for Materials NOT OWNED by Wake Tech

(aka materials found via the Library Catalog)

Congratulations!  You have identified an item you think would be useful.  But it's not owned by the PSEC library, or it's checked, and you'd like to get it from somewhere else.

  • Select the item title from your list of results.  You should then get a page that displays that item only, and says "Item Details" at the top left.
  • Just below that, there is a link for "Place hold".  Click on it.
  • Your "User ID" is the barcode number from your library card.  Enter the entire number without any spaces.
  • You may leave "Alternate ID" blank.
  • Your default PIN is 1234 unless you have logged in to change it.
  • Be sure that your Pickup Location is set to Wake Public Safety Education Campus (or whichever campus you want to pick up your materials at).
  • You may leave Expiration Date blank.
  • Click on them "Place Hold" button, lower left.  That's it!  You'll be notified by phone and/or email when the item comes in.  Items from other WTCC campuses normally take 1-3 days; items from non-WTCC libraries may take 4-5 days.

More detailed guidelines on borrowing materials at WTCC (opens in new window)

Placing a Hold on WTCC Owned Materials

If you find materials you would like to borrow via our Library Catalog, you must first register for a WTCC library card - if you live in Wake County, you can do so at any campus, but if you live outside Wake County, you must register at the PSEC library.  

Once you've done that, you have several options:

  1. If the material is held at the Public Safety Education Campus, and its location is "General Collection", it is on the shelf.  You can come to the library and check it out immediately.  Click here for hours (opens in new window).
  2. If the material is owned by PSEC but its location is 'checked out', somebody else has it.  You can place a hold on it and you will be notified when it has been returned. (See "Placing a hold" on this page)
  3. If the item is owned by another WTCC library, you can place a hold on it and it will be sent to PSEC for pickup.  This normally takes 2-3 days.  Or, you can go directly to the campus in question and check the item out.
  4. If the item is owned by a non-WTCC library, and it will let you place a hold, you can do so and it will be available usually within 4-5 days.

Search the Wake County Public Libraries Catalog


If you can't find what you need through Wake Tech's Interlibrary Loan Service, you may want to try searching for books at other nearby libraries. WorldCat searches public and private libraries for books.


Search for an item in libraries near you:
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