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ACC 121 - Ward: Web Sources

Guide for ACC 121 Cookie Project

Online Research Tools

Shopping Tools

These tools are designed to help you compare material prices online.  For a more accurate record of your wholesale food costs, you should contact the local distributors.

Google Books

Google Book Search

Google Scholar: Finding Scholarly Information on the Web

Type your search topic (such as "nursing and technology") in the box and then click the "Search" button.  Your search results (should be more academic-related since you are using Google Scholar) will be listed below.  Click on the search words to go directly to the website.

Google Scholar Search

Using Websites in Assignments

Always check to make sure that your website has valid information before including it in an academic paper.  Here is a checklist of information.

Evaluation of Websites


  • Is the source of information reputable and reliable?
  • What group or individual authored the site?
  • Is the information current?
  • When was the site last updated?
  • Are the links working?
  • Does the information seem credible?
  • Can the information be verified?
  • Are there references and footnotes?
  • Is the site organized?
  • Has someone put careful thought, time, and effort into the site?
Content and Bias
  • Is the information well-balanced and of good quality?
  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Why and for whom was it written?