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HUM 115 - Riley

Library Resources for students in Proffessor Riley's class.
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In the process of writing an essay, you have probably written an outline to organize your thoughts. For this assignment, you will write a detailed outline of an argument. You will show the logical organization of the argument by labeling a conclusion, premises and their detailed support. The topic will be a position on a contemporary ethical issue.


Write a brief outline the argument identifying premise statements with a (P), support for premise statements with a (S) and the conclusion with a (C). The outline should be 1 - 2 pages.

From the adjacent list, choose a topic and take a position on one of the ethical issues below. Next, use the library databases to find support for your position (guide above). Think of these positions as arguments. Each argument has premises and a conclusion. The position on the issue will be the conclusion and the reasons for that position will be the premises. Each outline will have only one conclusion.

All statements must be written as complete sentences with a subject and a verb. Look at the example below and follow its structure.

Below is a video from your Professor specifically detailing steps for using the Wake Tech Databases.

Choose ONE topic from the list below:  

Does gentrification help or hinder American cities
Are H2B visas beneficial to the American economy
Are Genetically Modified foods harmful or helpful
Is the practice Plea Bargaining ethical
Are protests and demonstrations an effective way to demand changes to racial injustice
Should the Electoral College be abolished
Should military or other civil service be mandatory for all citizens
Should social media networks filter content posted by users
Is Global Warming inevitable regardless of human attempts to limit greenhouse gas emissions
Are Voter ID laws necessary
What should be done about jail / prison overcrowding
Should community college be tuition-free
Is video game addiction, known as "gaming disorder," a diagnosable mental condition
Should students in public schools be required to wear uniforms
Is gun violence in America a problem 
Should e-cigarette sales and use be restricted in the same way that cigarettes are restricted.