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WECIB English Holocaust Project

Resources for Students in Dr. Kaulfuss's English Class
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Topics for your assignment--

  1.  In what ways is the Holocaust a unique historical event? What other genocides should be studied and why? 
  1. How can stereotypes be dangerous?  Explain using examples from the Holocaust. How can these types of views be combatted? 
  1. How has the Holocaust influenced the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? What impact does this declaration have on mankind? 
  1. What are long-term effects of the Holocaust on the modern Jewish community?   
  1. How did the bystander effect influence the social attitude toward the genocide in WWII? 
  1. How did the Holocaust change the course of Western civilization?  
  1. Compare and contrast the Holocaust and the Rwanda genocide and the Cambodian genocide.   
  1. What are the similarities between Jewish refugees during the Holocaust and Syrian refugees now? 
  1. How did Nazi propaganda make Germans forget about moral principles during the Holocaust?   
  1. What were some of the experiments performed during the Holocaust?  Some of this research is still used today.  Is this ethical? 
  1. Analyze different forms of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. 
  1. Analyze the laws against the denial of the Holocaust.  Which countries have adopted these laws and why?  What should happen to deniers?  
  1. How can literature and other genres (films etc.) help us remember and honor the victims of the Holocaust.   
  1. Can artworks about the Holocaust prevent the repetition of the tragedy today? 
  1. How did the Holocaust affect Jewish literature? 

There are five steps in the research process.

The Research Process

1. Identify your topic
2. Develop search terms
3. Conduct a search
4. Evaluate information
‚Äč5. Cite your sources