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CTS 115 - DeCain

This is the course guide for CTS 115 with a focus on the initial course assignment.

Ice-Breaker Assignment

Your first assignment is to prepare a document detailing the following:

1. Identify an instance where a company has made use of an Information Systems technology (IT), which has become newsworthy. Positive news events are harder to come by, but they are there if you look. Think along the lines of how the IT was utilized, and to what advantage? 

2. Outline at a high level the following information in a summary format:

a. What is the company’s business, and industry?

b. Who are the competitors of this company?

c. How and why is the information systems technology used?

d. What has made the technology implementation newsworthy?

e. Analyze the outcomes to the business of this newsworthy event, specifically, articulate the impact on:

i. Customers

ii. Competition

iii. Company itself

iv. The term of the impact – long, intermediate, short? 

f. Estimate the tangible costs to the company, but also the intangible – organizational goals, public image, brand appeal, etc.

g. What alternatives do you think this company may have evaluated in its decisions?

3. Prepare this outline as below:

a. Use MLA format.

b. You may use plain text, or MS-Word. It should be printed on letter-sized paper, single-spaced (ignore MLA double-spacing standard), with margins at 1” all around.

c. It should be no more than two pages, but at least one and one-half.

d. In the heading, provide your name, date, and the course information.

e. In the first paragraph describe the company, its business, and the way in which its IT investment became notable.

f. During your report justify your conclusions with facts.

g. Provide a citation on where the story appeared, the precise media, date, URL, etc.

4. Grading

a. This is a business course, and I expect that you will deliver a professional document with proper grammar, usage, spelling, etc

 i. There are no points given for formatting – plain text is all that is required.

ii. The following point scale will be used:

  • Critical Thinking- 35%
  • Objective Reporting- 25%
  • Subject Analysis- 25%
  • Adherence to Instructions- 15%

CTS 115 - Information Systems Business Concepts

Check out the library's resources for help with your kickoff assignment for CTS 115.