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RAD 110 Journal Articles Project - W. McNeil: Articles

How to Read a Scholarly Article

The following video explains how to read a scholarly article.

Western University Libraries. (2012, April 26). How to Read a Scholarly Article. Retrieved from      

If the video is unavailable, visit:

What is . . .

. . . a Scholarly Article?

A scholarly article (sometimes called a "journal article" or just an "article") is what a researcher writes when he/she wants to publish research findings. For example, if a medical researcher conducts a study, he/she will write an article detailing how the study was conducted and what was found. The article is then submitted to a journal.

. . . a Journal?

A journal (sometimes called an "academic journal," a "scholarly journal," or a "peer-reviewed journal") is a publication that contains scholarly articles written by experts/researchers in a particular field or discipline. For example, researchers in the medical field will publish their findings in medical journals like the Journal of the American Medical Association, the British Medical Journal, or the New England Journal of Medicine

. . . a Database?

A database (sometimes called an "academic database" or "research database") is an online collection of resources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, images, reports, and academic journals. Some databases focus on a specific topic, such as CINAHL (nursing and allied health). Other databases cover a variety of subjects, such as Science Direct (various sciences, including health and medicine). You can search databases using Boolean Searching.

. . . Boolean Searching?

Boolean searching is a method of searching for online resources. You can't search the databases in the same way you search Google or other search engines. You must use keywords and phrases. In order to expand or limit your search, you can use the Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT, & NEAR. For more information on how to use Boolean Operators, see the How Do I . . . tab.

Research Databases

E-Journal Portal

Some radiological journals titles available in our databases:

Radiologic Technology

American Journal of Roentgenology



Applied Radiology

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