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How to Read and Write a Philosophical Claim

Basic Structure of a Philosophy Paper (opens in new window)
How to Choose a Paper Topic in Philosophy (opens in new window)
Doing Philosophy Research (opens in new window)
Summarizing an Argument in Philosophy (opens in new window)
How to Object to an Argument (opens in new window)
Reinterpreting a Historical Argument (opens in new window)
How to Summarize a Debate (opens in new window)
Lending Support (opens in new window)
Promoting a Third Way (opens in new window)


The Matrix (clip from Robots: The Real History of Science Fiction)


"In our matrix, no one knows that they are part of the machine. So it's really a contrast between that and the real world. This is a manufactured reality that's all happening inside one's brain.

In The Matrix, what we consider reality is just an illusion-- something that can be manipulated and controlled."