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BUS 240 - Albahrawy: Home

This is the course guide for BUS 240 with a focus on the Applied Benchmarking assignment.

Benchmarking Assignment Guidelines

The purpose of this assignment is to give you a way to practice your power in decision making. There is no better practice than to practice making decisions that can influence your own experience and the experience of others.

We watched Eric Liu give his TED talk entitled Why Ordinary People Need to Understand Power. In that, Mr. Liu defined power as “the capacity to make others do what you would have them do.”  He described the process for both increasing your influence and exercising your power. By “learning about how things work around you” and looking for ways to improve your experience, you gain power and the ability to influence.

TED Talk: Why Ordinary People Need to Understand Power (opens in new window)

In this assignment, each student will complete an applied benchmarking project on Wake Tech.  Applied benchmarking is a process where individuals evaluate ways in which they could improve something, research/interview a company/organization that does that process well, and implement in their organizations based on the research/interview.

For this assignment, think of Wake Tech as a city. What are some areas that you believe can be improved in your Wake Tech city? In this assignment, you will examine a process, opportunity or experience from the list below. Each of you will choose one of the possible applied benchmarking activities below. The first part of the process will be to identify, review, and understand what is included in your selected applied benchmarking activity. Then, each of you will need to contact and research another community college, four-year university, or other non-academic organization that you consider the best in this process, opportunity or experience. You will identify, review, understand, and describe the “ideal” process from the other institution that you contacted and conducted your research on.

You must choose one of the following areas:

Possible Applied Benchmarking Activities:

  • The Wake Tech admissions process
  • The Wake Tech registration process
  • The Wake Tech advising opportunities
  • The Wake Tech student support opportunities
  • The Wake Tech hybrid or online course experience
  • The Wake Tech traditional course experience

Applied Benchmarking Steps

1. Introduction: Identify ONE applied benchmarking activity from the list above. Think about the following questions when identifying your one benchmark activity. The activity must be at Wake Tech. Write your first 2 paragraphs answering the questions below:

  • What are the area’s strengths?
  • What area(s) can be improved? Upon what evidence do you base this opinion?
  • What can Wake Tech do better or differently?
  • What would make this process, opportunity or experience ideal?

This section should include 2 well-written paragraphs answering the questions listed above. Label this section Introduction. The Introduction is worth 20 points.

2. Research Summary: Research another community college, four-year university or other non-academic organization with the same or similar process, opportunity or experience you identified for your chosen applied benchmarking activity. Find the organization that matches your ideal process, opportunity or experience from #1.

  • Look online
  • Review trade magazines
  • Review journal articles
  • Read newspapers
  • Talk to friends and family in other institutions
  • Call other institutions

This section should include 2 well-written paragraphs summarizing your research process. The summary should include all the steps you took to identify the organization that, in your view, is ideal and does the activity you selected the best. Label this section Research Summary. The Research Summary is worth 20 points.

3. Best-in-Class Performer: Choose the organization that, in your view, does the benchmark activity you selected the best. Answer the following questions in 1 well-written paragraph.

  • Document the name of the organization, including its address.
  • Document the person’s name and contact information (phone number and email address).
  • Document the date of contact.

This section should include 1 well-written paragraph. Label this section Best-in-Class Performer. The Best-in-Class Performer section is worth 10 points.

4. The Interview: Contact the person/ persons in that organization you chose that is responsible for the benchmark activity.

  • Document the discussion held. Below are questions you must ask. In addition to these questions, please formulate 3 additional questions to ask your contact, and ask those questions. Document all answers.

i.Why does your institution conduct (the benchmark activity you chose) the way that it does?

ii.What steps did your institution take in implementing _________________?

iii.What challenges do you still face?

iv.What is your plan to overcome those challenges?

This section should include least 3 well-written paragraphs. Label this section The Interview.  The Interview section is worth 20 points. 

5. My Future Wake Tech: Develop the rest of your applied benchmarking report by writing a narrative from your future Wake Tech. In the narrative, explain the following:

i.Based on what you learned from your contact, what steps did the future Wake Tech take to improve the benchmark activity you identified?

ii.How did the future Wake Tech implement this change at Wake Tech?

iii.Which stakeholders at the college were affected by the change implemented? How was each stakeholder affected?

iv.What was the overall success of the changes at the future Wake Tech?

This section should include at least 4 well-written paragraphs. Label this section My Future Wake Tech. The My Future Wake Tech section is worth 30 points.

BUS 240 - Business Ethics

Ethics are essential in the business world.

Example Schools

Please see the links below for example schools in North Carolina and Virginia.